How Much Does Sleep Apnea Treatment Cost?

Sleep apnea treatment

Sleep Apnea is a health disorder characterized by the collapsing/ obstruction of airways during sleep. When Apnea events occur, you stop breathing for a few seconds and this can happen several times per hour and in several sessions during the night. If you suspect you might be struggling with Sleep Apnea it is extremely important to get appropriate treatment. Before the treatment with a CPAP or APAP machine, you need to go through a sleep test where the physician will recommend the best course of treatment and also the recommended oxygen pressure needed to keep your airways open.

When it comes to Sleep Apnea treatment, the costs vary greatly. The total cost depends on many factors such as the cost of the polysomnogram (overnight sleep study) in your area / at the selected clinic. Then, the prices differ based on the type of treatment you need to follow- for less severe Apneas a CPAP machine will do, while for Central Sleep Apnea you might be prescribed a more complex and expensive APAP machine. The cost also varies depending on the brand/make/model of CPAP machine and equipment you will choose or how much of your treatment is actually covered by insurance. The total cost of a sleep apnea treatment is highly related to and dependent on many factors. However, please find out below a few representative/guiding prices that you will need to pay for different Sleep Apnea tests, equipment, treatment accessories, etc.

General costs of Sleep Apnea treatment

Right before they prescribe a CPAP for your personal needs, you need to go through a test called a Polysomnogram. This is basically a sleep study, where they will monitor your sleep and breathing patterns over the course of the night. Then a doctor will analyze the results and make the required prescription. One such polysomnogram test can cost anything between $1,000 and up to $3,500 or more. Of course, there are many sleep disorder centers where the test is less expensive, even well below $900. You just need to perform a thorough research or ask for some references and get guidance towards the most affordable center.

In some cases, when they charge lower fees for the test, you need to pay separately for the doctor’s interpretation of the test. The costs could be anything between $250 and $400. You may have to pay additional consultation fees between $100 and up to $350 or more. The good news is that the greatest majority of insurance companies will offer coverage for the Sleep diagnosis test. Just make sure to check with your insurer and see how much coverage you are eligible to receive.

Then, you need to use a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device, or a CPAP. This machine will help maintaining your airways open during the night by delivering a stream of pressurized oxygen into your throat/lungs. Most CPAP machines used to treat moderate Sleep Apnea start at about $800 and can go up to $3,000 or more. It is important to mention that masks and the tubing system generally need to be purchased separately. These accessories can cost you anything between $100 and $500 or more. Again it depends on the make, model, materials of the accessories or the extra features you choose. When it is necessary from a medical point of view, even these accessories can be covered by your insurance. Perform thorough research and purchase CPAPs or accessories only through highly reliable providers.

Patients who cannot become compliant with CPAPs can try the dental devices that help positioning your lower jaw and the tongue in such a position as to keep the airways open. However, a CPAP is a much more professional and efficient solution. You just need to get a high quality machine with quality accessories that will help you become quickly compliant.

Sleep Apnea treatment maintenance costs

Most providers require that you replace your mask, tubing, air filters and other accessories at regular intervals. For example, a CPAP mask can cost between $100 and $250 or more, while filters are less expensive. It is highly important to replace these accessories, otherwise you will not enjoy quality therapy with a deteriorated mask or tubing system.

As a comfort feature, you can add a humidifier to your CPAP. There are CPAP machines that come with an integrated humidifier, but you can also purchase them as standalone accessories. A humidifier can cost between $50 and $400 or more. A humidifier is not required for therapy, but it will make your therapy more comfortable. The role of the humidifier is to deliver optimum temperature and humid air to the mask, in order to reduce rainout, dry mouth, and other such discomforting issues.

As you can easily notice, the cost of Sleep Apnea treatment involves several layers. However, the costs are greatly reduced if your insurer will cover for a sleep test, a CPAP machine, the doctor’s visits or the purchase of the accessories.