CPAP Mask Covers Do They Work?

CPAP mask Cover

Comfort represents the number one factor for anyone using CPAP therapy. CPAP masks can often cause issues such as skin irritation, rashes, pressure marks or even air leaks. In such cases, a CPAP mask cover can help eliminating these problems. There are many types of CPAP mask covers available on the market. These are generally made of highly absorbent, soft and comfortable fabric, which offer a smooth and gentle sensation when touching the skin.

The comfort covers also have an elastic part or lining which helps to keep the cover in one place. The covers can be easily washed and worn over and over again. After washing, the cover will go back to its initial shape, so you do not have to worry about mask covers that become loose over time. One important factor to keep in mind is that comfort covers need to be washed in cold water with a fragrance-free and dye free detergent. You should never use fabric softener when washing the CPAP cover, and if possible wash them by hand and not in the machine. This way the cover will maintain its initial shape and elasticity for a long time.

Generally, the CPAP mask covers are compatible with a wide range of nasal and full face masks. When purchasing yours, check and ensure that the cover is fully compatible with your mask model/size. The CPAP cover needs to fit well onto the mask so that it provides maximum protection against leaks.

Can mask covers prevent air leaks successfully?

The mask cover will practically create a barrier between the mask and the skin. Generally, mask covers will reduce successfully the risk of air leaks. However, in order to ensure that air leaks are prevented properly, besides the use of a mask cover you also need to ensure that your mask straps are well fitted and tightened.

Top reasons why you should opt for a quality CPAP mask cover

The most important role of a mask cover is to prevent pressure marks and irritations caused by the direct contact of the mask with the skin. Many patients have sensitive skin and they cannot become compliant with CPAP therapy because the mask parts touching the skin cause irritations and red marks. The mask cover is made of a soft, non-allergenic fabric which feels very soft and comfortable on the skin.

Then, a mask cover can help absorbing all the excessive sweat and facial oils which make CPAP therapy inefficient. Thanks to the super-absorbent fabric, these covers can absorb all sweat and facial oils properly. Many patients also become extremely anxious and stressed when they need to wear a new mask. If you want to increase therapy compliance, such a mask cover can help greatly. Feeling a soft and comfortable fabric against your skin will help you become quicker compliant with your new mask. For some patients, wearing a CPAP mask can cause the skin to peel off. This problem can be stopped by wearing such comfort covers for CPAP masks. Such mask covers are also available in smaller sizes for children requiring CPAP therapy.

What happens if my CPAP indicated air leaks even though I wear the mask cover?

In most cases this is no reason for real concern. Depending on the type/model of CPAP you are using, your device might show incorrect data (i.e. indicating a mask leak when there is no such issue present in reality). This happens because the machine “senses” there is no direct contact between your skin and the mask part, since there is a fabric present in between. If you have noticed that you sleep much more comfortable while wearing the mask cover, it means it is highly efficient and there is no reason to panic.

Do mask covers contain Latex?

Absolutely not. Most comfort covers available on the market are made of Latex free materials. The elastic that is sewn into the lining of the cover does not contain any Latex. Many CPAP users are allergic to Latex, and this is why most comfort CPAP covers are made of Latex free fabric. When purchasing a CPAP mask cover, you should carefully read the labels and ensure your product does not contain any allergenic products (such as Latex for example).

Maintaining your mask cover clean

You can use your cover over and over for a very long time, provide you respect a few cleaning and maintenance rules. Many covers are machine washable and if so this is indicated on the label. Otherwise, you should regularly wash your cover by hand and let it air dry. In case your CPAP mask cover has stretched because of extensive use, you can ash it in hot water and then dry it on a high heat. This will help tightening the fabric so that it will come back to its initial shape.