Best CPAP Mask for Side Sleepers 2018

According to statistics in the field, the majority of Sleep Apnea patients are side sleepers. The market is abounding in all types of CPAP masks, but not all of them will help you enjoy good quality, restful sleep if you prefer to sleep on your side. Please find below a guide with some of the best CPAP masks for side sleepers for 2018. Go carefully through the features of each, and select the one that would best fit your needs and personal requirements.

Nuance Pro by Philips Respironics

Philips Nuance Pro

If you are looking for maximum comfort and the best sealing power, Nuance Pro might represent the ideal choice. This gel nasal pillows mask comes with a wide variety of frames for the best comfort and less irritation or red marks while wearing this mask. The frame is gel padded and featuring a non-slip headgear which helps in holding the mask steadily in its place. Even if you toss and turn a lot during your sleep, the mask will ensure you receive quality air therapy without mask leaks or discomfort because of a constantly slipping headgear.
The mask features an ultra-modern, stylish look while the frame is truly soft and comfortable while being held in place securely. The gel pillows will provide you with the perfect seal, while still feeling soft and comfortable. The mask is incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble so that you can clean/disinfect it whenever you wish. Light, stylish and offering a perfect seal and security the Nuance Pro seems to be a leading choice for side sleepers.

Swift FX by ResMed

Resmetd Swift FX

This mask is already extremely popular among patients, given the high comfort levels it provides. This is a quiet and lightweight mask and according to some patient testimonials, it is easy to forget you are even wearing a mask with the new Swift FX by ResMed. The mask has a minimalistic design yet it provides maximum comfort and a powerful seal so much needed by side sleepers.
The mask parts touch as little skin on your face as possible. The frame adjusts in a soft manner to your facial contours, providing the optimum seal and leaving no red marks or irritations on your face. Regardless of whether you prefer to sleep on your side or your back, you can trust Swift FX.

  • Highly intuitive mask- patients can fit the mask in an instant, without making too many adjustments
  • Flexibility- the mask frame will gently follow your facial contours to provide you with that cozy feeling
  • Highly stable- the gel pillows have dual walls and a highly flexible cushion base made to keep a good seal with your face but without restricting you anyway when you move
  • No matter your sleep position, you will enjoy a restful night of sleep

Opus 360 by Fisher & Paykel

Fisher and Pykel

If you are looking for a small and lightweight mask that permits almost any sleeping position without interfering with therapy, you can choose Opus 360 by Fisher & Paykel. Thanks to its rotating elbow you can achieve the best range of motion, so you do not have to worry about your sleeping position. This is a truly comfortable mask which allows for the best freedom of movement. It comes with a slim line design and the Silicone Pillows and the contoured mask frame provide ideal stability.

Opus 360 is also a highly stylish and elegant mask. Simple in design, yet providing the best seal and comfort you will truly enjoy receiving therapy while wearing this mask. The most efficient thing about Opus 360 is that it provides an out of the box solution. This means you will get everything you need within packaging so that you can find the perfect fit immediately.

You will receive the mask + headgear already assembled and ready to use. Then, there are 3 different sizes of Silicone Seal pillows included (Small, Medium and Large). You will also receive a user-friendly fitting guide, which will help you adjust your mask within minutes and have it ready for use.

  • Premium frosted silicone seal
  • Nasal pillows which are anatomically shaped
  • Maintenance free bias diffuser
  • Extremely soft and comfortable lip cushion
  • All sizes of silicone cushions included in the box

According to patient reviews, Opus 360 is indeed a highly versatile, comfortable and efficient mask for CPAP therapy. All the masks presented here come with an affordable price tag and many of them can help you get efficient air therapy if you are a side sleeper. OSA patients find it extremely difficult to sleep on their side if they are wearing a full face mask. This is why opting for a gel nasal pillows mask might be a much better choice. You should always select a mask that is made by a reputable brand such as ResMed, Philips or Fisher & Paykel.