Airfit P10 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask Review

Airfit P10 CPAP mask

AirFit P10 is a nasal pillow CPAP mask presented by ResMed. According to the manufacturer, this model is the quietest type of mask they have ever brought onto the market. Being equipped with the latest innovations in sleep apnea therapy, this mask is up to 50% quieter and 50% lighter than its predecessors. Also, according to ResMed the AirFit P10 is capable of offering 40+ more minutes of good quality sleep for each night you are using this mask.

AirFit P10 is also equipped with a split-strap headgear which ensures minimal contact points with your skin. Therefore, patients using the AirFit P10 will enjoy a greater sense of freedom, movement, and flexibility. This particular mask also won a Red Dot award for the outstanding design of the product.

Extremely quiet

Getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important when using CPAP therapy. Comfort and a restful sleep are extremely important for both the patient and the bed partner. AirFit P10 is a nasal pillows mask that is equipped with QuietAir patented woven mesh ventilation system. This helps to redirect away from the air from the face in the gentlest manner. Therefore, both the user and the bed partner can enjoy a restful and uninterrupted night of asleep. When compared to other market leading masks by ResMed, the AirFit P10 is 50% quieter thanks to this innovative technology.

Extremely light

CPAP users do not want to feel any excessive weight or tightness caused by a heavy and uncomfortable mask. AirFit P10 is up to 50% lighter than all the other market-leading nasal pillow masks released by ResMed. The frame is made of a revolutionary material called flexi -tube which is extremely light yet highly durable. Patients can move around freely without any compromises on the seal of the mask.

Extremely easy to use

This is a user-friendly nasal pillows mask. The mask features color-coded sizing for the clips and L/R orientation for very fast and easy setting. Even first-time users of CPAP therapy will become therapy compliant very fast, and they will be able to fit the mask properly within minutes.

Clinical studies in the field proved that patients who use the AirFit P10 nasal mask actually slept up to 40 minutes more each night. This means patients can get a restful night of sleep and they are not disturbed because of a noisy mask or an uncomfortable headgear. By being able to get a higher quality and longer sleep each night it also means that you enjoy very good therapy compliance.

The nasal pillows feature dual-wall technology with trampoline action seals on the contact. This helps dispersing the air in a gentle and quiet manner. The tubing is extremely flexible and light yet highly durable. You can move around freely without actually compromising the effectiveness of the seal or the efficiency of your therapy. The minimal contact headgear provides maximum stability and adjustability.

What’s in the box:

When you place your order, this is what you will receive within packaging:

  • Small, Medium + Large sized nasal pillows – so that you can instantly find the right fit for you
  • Minimal contact Headgear
  • Short Tubing
  • Flexible Frame
  • 2 Headgear Clips

Main product specifications:

  • Latex Free product
  • Short mask tube length: 15 inches
  • Headgear length: 19.25inches
  • Headgear Width: .75inches

It is important to mention that the AirFit P10 nasal mask is compatible with any CPAP/BiPAP device. AirFit connects to any type of tubing without the need for special adaptors.

Does AirFit P10 cover my nose?

No. This is a nasal pillow mask, where the pillows need to be gently inserted into the nostrils.

Can you wear glasses with this type of mask?

Yes. AirFit P10 has been specifically designed so as to offer an open field of vision. Users can read or watch TV without any problems while wearing their glasses. The mask allows for an open field of vision, without interfering with your glasses.

Can you replace the pillows?

The AirFit P10 pillows can be replaced, and they can even be replaced with the smaller size if needed. You can even replace the headgear if needed, and AirFit P10 can be disassembled very easily so that you can replace parts as needed.

Can side sleepers use this mask effectively?

Yes. AirFit P10 nasal pillows mask is a low profile product. The pillows fit into the nostrils, so even when you sleep on your side your cheeks can comfortably rest on the pillow. No red marks or irritations caused by different mask parts.

How can you find the sizing of the pillows?

The plastic rims of the nasal pillows are color coded. On the bottom of the pillows, you will also find indications such as S, M or L. Regarding color codes, here you have a helpful guide: Pink is or Extra Small, Clear is for Small, Gray is for Medium and Blue is for Large.