Airfit N20 vs Airfit F20 Comparison

airfit n20 mask

ResMed is a market leading provider of top quality CPAP equipment and accessories. The company continuously strives to bring new technology and amazing innovations into any product they launch. AirFt N20 is a nasal pillow mask, while the F20 is a full face mask. Both masks represent the ideal solution for positive airway pressure treatment at home or even in hospital environments. Both masks are equipped with plenty of innovative form and function features meant to help patients become even quicker compliant with their required therapy.

Ease of use, comfort, open fields of vision is only a few of the features that make both masks an ideal choice even for patients who use therapy for the first time. Both the AirFit F20 and N20 are equipped with the innovative InfinitySeal silicone cushions which help to adapt to the facial contours of each patient. InfinitySeal helps to maximize comfort, reduce leaks and improve fit in order to maximize therapy compliance. The full face mask also features magnetic clips for easier fitting or detachment of the mask during the night.

AirFit N20 Nasal Pillows Mask

Regardless of your sleeping position, the N20 mask by ResMed will comfortably follow your movements throughout the night. The N20 nasal pillows mask represents the ideal solution for patients who breathe mostly through their nose throughout the night. Comfort and performance are two of the most important features that need to be considered when talking about CPAP masks. The N20 is fitted with the most adaptive silicone cushions, and it also features an extra soft and flexible framing that also comes with integrated padding.

AirFit N20 has a quick release elbow and magnetic clips for fast detachment of the mask when needed. The mask follows a simple yet highly intuitive design without obtrusive or heavy parts. Patients can also easily reassemble the mask after each cleaning process. ResMed also provides the For Her versions of the N20 nasal pillows mask. AirFit N20 for Her feature very chic lavender accents and they are available in smaller size ranges to fit women easier. The AirFit N20 is also compatible with the travel CPAP AirMini by ResMed.

  • InfinitySeal cushion proven to fit 99% of patients
  • Quick release elbow- fast and easy disconnect from the tubing without actually removing the mask
  • Plush headgear- maximum softness and stability during therapy
  • Soft & flexible framing- the frame sits comfortably underneath the eyes and effortlessly adapts to different facial features
  • Magnetic clips- help to guide the headgear to the frame quickly and effortlessly

AirFit F20- Full Face Mask by ResMed

Airfit F20 CPAP Mask

The AirFit F20 has been designed to represent a perfect fit for all patients, regardless of their facial structure. The mask is also designed to deliver the best performance regardless of the therapeutic pressure, and its modular frame fits all cushion sizes easily. The mask features InfinitySeal cushion with specially designed loops that have a varying thickness in order to reduce the blowout and offer the best support right at the sides of the nose.

AirFit F20 has QuietAir ventilation technology which is a highly innovative air diffuser located within the mask elbow. This makes the AirFit F20 up to 90% quieter and much gentler than ever. Both patient and bed partner can get a restful and quiet night of sleep thanks to the quiet ventilation technology. QuietAir helps to break up the exhaled air in order to be spread out in the lightest possible manner.

AirFit F20 is considered one of the most technologically advanced full face masks provided by ResMed. Thanks to its modular design each cushion can be effortlessly clicked into the standard frame. Patients can be set up with the right mask easier than ever before. In order to provide the most personalized mask fitting, ResMed also offers the AirFit F20 for Her masks which come with a chic lavender color addition and reduced size ranges to fit the smaller facial features of women.

  • Soft & flexible frame- sits comfortably under the eyes and easily adapts to different facial features
  • magnetic clips- help to guide the headgear to the frame fast and effortlessly
  • Diffused ventilation system- an ultra quiet mask that spreads out air evenly and quietly
  • Quick release elbow- allows patients to disconnect from tubing with one single click, without having to take off the mask
  • Infinity Seal cushion- offers the most effective seal regardless of the therapeutic pressure used

Both masks are highly innovative equipment pieces offered by ResMed. If you are looking for a less intrusive, light and ultra-compact mask the N20 with the nasal pillows might represent the ideal choice. However, if you are a mouth breather mostly, the F20 full face mask will represent the best choice. Both masks have innovative structures and a streamlined design. They are compatible with most CPAP machines, but make sure to check compatibility before purchasing.