ResMed AirMini Review 2018

Resmed Airmini

AirMini by ResMed is regarded as one of the best travel CPAPs available on the market. The majority of CPAP users complain about the size of their unit. Many units are bulky and heavy, and this is why ResMed came up with a unique design which is small and compact yet packing all the high quality and powerful features of a larger CPAP device. Thanks to such small CPAP units, traveling has become much easier.

AirMini is comparable in size and weight to a smartphone. It fits easily in the palm of your hand yet it is capable of delivering trustworthy and reliable air therapy even at higher pressure requirements. AirMini weighs only 300grams (0.66 ounces), which makes it highly portable. You can take AirMini with you while traveling on a plane, camping or performing your workout sessions outdoors. AirMini by ResMed has the following sizes: 5.4 x 3.3 x 2.0 inches. Small, lightweight, portable and offering great performance. What more could you wish for?

Better than Z1 or Transcend travel CPAPs

Travel CPAPs are relatively new and innovative pieces of medical equipment. Until now, the most preferred travel CPAPs were the Z1 and the Transcend, but now AirMini takes over the lead. ResMed is a market leader in CPAP units and accessories, and the company has done everything possible to bring onto the market a unit that will please travelers. AirMini is stylish, compact, lightweight and a highly trustworthy unit. It has become an even more popular option than Transcend by Somnetics or Z1 Auto CPAP manufactured by Human Designs Medical.

  • Sleep well. Anywhere. AirMini, featuring proven ResMed technologies such as waterless humidification means you will never have to worry about getting required therapy only through a large and bulky CPAP that you need to carry around
  • Enjoy quality therapy always- whether you need to use it at home or while traveling, camping or hiking…AirMini helps you enjoy top quality treatment regardless of the conditions
  • Pack it and go- a small and stylish unit that you can easily pack and carry with you on a plane, on a bus or in your car. Enjoying life outdoors while having to respect your therapy requirements has never been easier.

AirMini – The world’s smallest CPAP unit

AirMini is indeed the World’s ever smallest CPAP unit. The Resmed AirMini features auto adjusting air pressure, similarly to the larger ResMed AirSense 10 CPAP unit. The device features EPR – Expiratory Pressure Relief function. When you feel that exhaling against a high pressure is challenging, simply use EPR. The air pressure will be lowered upon exhalation so that you can exhale against a gentle pressure without any efforts. By the time the inhalation phase starts, the machine will revert to the prescribed pressure so that you can enjoy the required therapy.

AirMini also features Bluetooth connectivity with the unique AirMini App. The CPAP is designed to help patients staying engaged with therapy. Thanks to the AirMini App, you can have instant access to all the comfort feature settings, daily sleep scores, guided setup videos and many other features meant to make your therapy even more compliant. Enjoy smart therapy packed into a small, compact and lightweight device!

AirMini by ResMed also features AutoRamp feature. Sleep onset detection helps you fall asleep against a gentle pressure. When the ramp time is up, the machine will gradually increase the pressure until reaching prescribed levels. This way, you can rest assured you can fall asleep with ease, while also get the assurance that all your therapy requirements are met. As a comfort feature, the EPR will also reduce pressure during exhalation and return to higher prescribed pressures upon inhalation in order to prevent apnea events.

AirMini will follow your natural breathing pattern, yet assuring you receive appropriate therapy at the required pressure levels. Patients also do not have to download the AirMini App, but you can install it to your smartphone or tablet and enjoy better control over your entire therapy.

AirMini is an extremely quiet machine, with only 30dB noise output. It features Active Air which helps to cap the airflow while maintaining and increasing air pressure whenever needed. Thanks to the AirMini, both patients and their bed partners can enjoy a quiet and restful night of sleep. Portable humidification is yet another innovative feature of the World’s smallest CPAP. AirMini features HumidX which is a small waterless humidification system. The machine can provide perfect humidification without the hassle of water tanks, yet it helps providing the best moisture levels during therapy.

It is important to mention that humid air will help to prevent the dry mouth syndrome. However, HumidX is a disposable humidification system, and the pod needs to be replaced after 30 days of opening the package. HumidX can be used with the N20 set up kit while the only compatible mask for AirMini is the AirFit P10 Pillows mask.