CPAP Battery Should I Buy One?

CPAP battery kit

Traveling with your CPAP equipment certainly implies that you will need an extra battery in order to ensure you can enjoy required therapy at all times. Whether you are flying, camping, traveling by car, planning a longer stay at a hotel, you should always ensure you have a backup battery. It is not absolutely necessary, but it will bring you peace of mind wherever you travel. Batteries, adapters, certain accessories, insurance related questions and concerns…these are all issues that will pop up before you travel with your CPAP equipment.

Why you need a CPAP battery?

Typically, patients use their CPAP treatment while sleeping. Now, if you will travel by plane on a longer route and you will also get some sleep you need to use your CPAP. For this, you will certainly need a reliable battery that is compliant with your CPAP unit. The same if you go camping for example, and power will not be available you need to use your CPAP from battery only. Also, if you will travel to a certain region with frequent power outages you will surely need one such CPAP battery as a backup solution.

Do you know what happens with your CPAP when the power goes out for any reason? When the power goes out, your CPAP unit will shut off. The CPAP can be plugged into the wall, or into the battery but you cannot perform both actions at the same time. Therefore, in order to be able to use our battery, you will have to first unplug your CPAP unit and then plug it into your battery.

Power outages can wake up patients suddenly. However, there is no reason for great concern because patients are still able to breathe in air from the environment, even though the CPAP unit has shut off. The machine stops working, but you are able to breathe in room air through your nasal pillows mask or even through the full face mask which is equipped with what is called an anti-asphyxia valve. In case the CPAP shuts off, these valves automatically open and allow you to breathe in air from the environment. The best thing to do when such power outages occur and you wake up suddenly, is to plug your CPAP into the battery. This way, you can further enjoy a restful night of sleep and prevent apneas. With most of these batteries, you can get up to 13 hours of usage (or more!) with only about 4 or 5 hours of charging.

Before traveling by plane, you should get some quality information from your airline regarding CPAP use. For example, you should ask them what exact type of adapter you would need that can be plugged in on the plane so that you can use your CPAP in flight. In case you will need to buy an adapter or a cord, you should contact your provider and ask for one. It is important to mention that you should make all these arrangements in time. Don’t leave everything for the last minutes.

Even though you might have a battery, you might not have to use it on the plane. Talk to the airline and ask if you could be seated much closer to a power source which would allow you to plug your CPAP directly into the source and save your battery for later. Many airlines require that you call them 2 weeks before raveling and inform them about your intention to bring the CPAP on board and use it for required treatment.

A CPAP battery is considered a comfort feature, and thus most insurers will not offer coverage for it. However, you should carefully check your insurance plan and ask your provider if you could get any coverage for one such battery. Frequent travellers, business travelers, campers, holiday goers who require CPAP therapy will certainly agree that it is highly worth to invest in a CPAP battery. It will offer you the peace of mind you need wherever you travel.

Traveling with a CPAP and not knowing that you will have reliable access to electricity can be extremely stressful. You need to get required therapy during the night, so the best thing you can do is to purchase one CPAP battery that will offer you real peace of mind. Living remotely, having to follow an extremely busy business travel schedule, traveling to regions with frequent power outages can become a huge problem if you do not have an extra battery for your CPAP.

Even if you need backup extremely rarely- like once a year when you go camping- you still need a reliable backup. Most experts in the field agree that an extra CPAP battery is not only a comfort feature but also a great necessity for all those unexpected periods when you need to travel and you need maximum peace of mind.