Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators Comparison

Portable Oxygen Concentrators, known shortly as POCs are medical grade breathing devices prescribed for patients with lung/breathing related disorders. The market is abounding in choices of oxygen concentrators, and sometimes picking the best one can be tricky. Check out this guide for a presentation on the best POCs for overall continuous flow and pulse dose modes.

Pulse Dose Oxygen Concentrators: Inogen One G3 vs. LifeChoice Activox 4L

Inogen Oxygen Concentrator

These are two of the most popular Pulse Dose portable concentrators available on the market. Inogen One G3 is considered one of the smallest POCs available on the market, measuring only 7.25 x 3 x 8.75”, and it is also one of the lightest devices at only 4.8 pounds. Inogen One G3 is an incredibly versatile POC, being capable of delivering 5 different Pulse Dose options. Patients can easily set their device at the preferred pulse flow, from 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest setting. The unit comes with a user-friendly control panel, where patients can control the oxygen delivery through the push of one button. The bright LED display shows remaining battery, and there is also an alarm available which signals when there is no breath detected for 1 minute.

Inogen One G3 comes with a powerful battery that can last up to 4.5 hours, and if the double battery is used the device will operate for up to 9 hours (typically on the lowest flow setting). Inogen One G3 is also a device with a quiet motor, which makes it a highly popular choice for patients who require therapy throughout the night (noise levels lower than 39dB)

LifeChoice Activox is an even lighter POC, weighing merely 4.3 pounds. However, this unit is more bulky, measuring 9.05 x 4.38 x 7.9”. LifeChoice Activox is equipped with an extremely powerful internal battery which helps to provide continuous therapy for 5, 7 or even up to 12 hours. Certainly, battery life highly depends on the pulse dose setting used- if used on the lowest setting, the device will have the longest battery life.

When it comes to usage hours, it can be easily said that ActivOX can actually last for up to 5-6 hours longer than the Inogen One G3 portable oxygen concentrator. Lifechoice also features Pulse Wave technology that helps to deliver purified oxygen on a continuous basis if needed, in order to meet the most special needs of a wide range of patients. LifeChoice also offers versatility when it comes to portability. Patients have 4 different modes of carrying the POC- thanks to the versatile carry case. They can carry it as a backpack, using a shoulder strap, fit it around their waist or even carry it like a regular briefcase.

Activox 4l

Continuous Flow Oxygen Concentrators: GCE Zen-O vs. Oxlife Independence

GCE Zen-o

GCE Zen-O is a small and light portable oxygen concentrator that delivers a continuous flow of oxygen. Featuring plenty of user-friendly features and ease of use this has become quite a popular POC among patients. Zen-O can operate with one or even two batteries at the same time. With 1 battery, the POC weighs only 10 pounds, and with this, you can perform tasks such as working out, shopping, running errands and many more. If you will use the setting 1 (the lowest), the battery will last even longer giving you even more time to enjoy your preferred activities.

With 2 batteries, on the Pulse 1 setting, you can expect up to 8 hours of operation, and the same for Pulse 2 setting. With 1 battery, Pulse 1 Setting you can get up to 4 hours of operation. Zen-O can be easily carried around as it is also available with a wheeled cart. This cart will allow you to carry around you POC without problems, but you can also carry your concentrator as a carry bag.


OxLife Independence is a Pulse Dose & Continuous Flow concentrator. It weighs more than the Zen-O at 16.7 pounds and it gives up to 6 hours of continuous operation on Setting 2. This is a POC available on a mid-range price tag but featuring plenty of useful features. The POC is FAA approved which means you can easily take it with you while traveling on a plane. This is a light, portable and quite small POC which is incredibly easy to operate. It comes with a built-in cart for easier transportation.

OxLife is quite an uncomplicated POC that offers a continuous flow of up to 3LPM and a dose pulse of 0.5 to 5L. In Pulse Dose mode the battery lasts even much longer because the poc delivers a “burst” of oxygen whenever the patient initiates a breath. This is a tough and durable portable oxygen concentrator, yet it has simple and nice overall design that blends well into any environment.