Amara View vs AirFit F20 Comparison

CPAP masks are the most important accessories when it comes to air therapy. The mask needs to be extremely comfortable and provide an ideal seal. If your mask is irritating your skin or if there are mask leaks present, your CPAP therapy is not that efficient. The market is abounding in CPAP mask offers, and sometimes it is quite difficult to choose the best one. Both Philips Respironics and ResMed are leaders in CPAP therapy devices and accessories, so we will now take a closer look to 2 of their most popular masks: the Amara View by Philips Respironics and the AirFit F20 by ResMed.

AirFit F20 Full Face CPAP Mask

Airfit F20AirFit F20 features an overall lightweight mask design, meaning that you will barely notice you are wearing it. The mask does not have a forehead support, which means even fewer contact points with your skin. AirFit F20 has an InfinitySeal cushion which provides the perfect seal, so that mask leaks are successfully avoided. The quick release elbow allows patients to take on and off the mask with one single click, while the headgear with magnetic clips further simplifies wearing or disassembling the mask.

AirF F20 provides an unobstructed field of vision, which means patients can easily wear glasses, watch TV or read a book while enjoying appropriate therapy. The AirFit F 20 represents the ideal solution for patients who do not like that feeling of “tightness” while wearing a full face mask, yet they must wear such a mask because they breathe through their mouth or need therapy at higher pressures. Thanks to the InfinitySeal cushion the mask fits perfectly from the first try and it provides the correct level of the seal.

AirFit F20 is an incredibly quiet mask, thanks to its Circular Vent diffusing system. The air is dispersed evenly and quietly so that even bed partners can enjoy a restful and quiet night of sleep. Users can also unclip the elbow from the mask during the night, and then clip it back to resume their therapy without too much hassle. Patients do not even have to touch their mask in order to stop/start therapy.

This mask also represents a good solution for patients who have weaker dexterity/ mobility of their hands. Users can detach/reattach the mask with ease, thanks to the headgear featuring magnetic clips.

  • Specifically designed to fit the widest range of facial structures
  • Works with high performance regardless of the pressure level
  • All cushion sizes accepted thanks to its modular frame

Amara View Full Face Mask by Philips Respironics

Amara View Mask

Amara View is a minimal contact full face mask by Philips Respironics. Just like the AirFit F20, this mask will not leave any red marks on your face or cause any irritations on your skin. Regarding comfort, both masks provide the best of comfort while maintaining a high level of seal for efficient therapy.

Amara View ensures an innovative design which surely prevents discomfort, irritations or red marks. The mask allows for an open field of vision, similarly to the AirFit F20 by ResMed. You can easily wear glasses, read or watch TV while wearing the Amara Full face mask. The mask is also a market leader when it comes to size and weight. This is truly one of the smallest and lightest masks when compared to other similar full face CPAP masks. Thanks to its modular frame, it can be used with all cushion sizes.

Without a bulky cushion or a frame that lies in front of your eyes/face, Amara also features comfortable fabric straps and it comes with quick release tabs so that patients can easily take on/off the mask when needed.

When compared to all leading full face masks, Amara View is a mask which covers the smallest area of a patient’s face. Amara View is indeed a small and lightweight mask but which also offers the widest field of vision while maintaining its high performance. Finding the right fit with Amara View is extremely easy:

  • You need to loosen the headgear to a large setting, and next grip and then twist the headgear clips away from the frame. This way you will disconnect the mask
  • You need to hold the mask part against your face. Next, place your mask just under your nose and right over the nostril opening on the cushion. Next, you will need to push the mask cushion upwards.
  • Now you will pull the mask straps over your head
  • Connect the mask by pressing the headgear clips into their place
  • Adjust the top + bottom straps by pulling back the tabs on the headgear
  • Adjust the crown strap by pulling back the tab
  • As the last step, you need to connect the flexible tubing to the mask’s quick release tube

If you have any other questions about these masks don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the comments section below.