AirFit F10 vs AirtFit F20 CPAP Masks

CPAP masks represent extremely important components of CPAP therapy. In order to enjoy the best compliance and maximum comfort during your required therapy, you must choose a mask that fits well and feels comfortable to you. Some patients like to use nasal masks, while others always search for a full face mask. Choose a mask that suits your individual needs and requirements, and read carefully through the specifics before buying a mask. If possible you should try on the mask and see how it fits your facial structure and how it feels on your face.

Choosing the perfect CPAP mask- things to consider:

  • a full face mask allows you to breathe with your mouth open while sleeping. These types of masks represent the ideal solution for patients who sleep with their mouth open quite frequently
  • nasal masks represent the ideal solution for patients who breathe through their nose while sleeping most of the time
  • nasal cradle masks will eliminate the contact points with the bridge of your nose
  • nasal pillows masks will help you get an individual seal around each nostril. Nasal pillows masks are minimal contact masks.

Two of the most popular full face masks available on the market are the AirFit F10 and AirFit F20 full face masks by ResMed. Let’s have a look at each type of full face mask and then you will be able to make a well-informed decision before buying.

AirFit F10 Full Face Mask by ResMed

Resmed CPAP Mask F10

If you are looking for maximum comfort and reliability throughout therapy, the AirFit F10 is definitely an ideal mask for you. The mask has a compact and stylish design, offering a clear line of vision. You can comfortably read or watch TV while wearing this mask. When compared to other market leading full face masks, AirFit F10 is up to 15% lighter and this is also one of the quietest masks you will find out there. Both you and your bed partner can enjoy a restful and quiet night of sleep.

  • High-quality seal- no more leak problems
  • Maximized comfort- therapy compliance from the first use
  • Ease of use- extremely easy to reassemble and clean. The mask has only 4 parts

Thanks to the SpringAir cushion technology, the AirFit F10 sits softly and comfortably on your face. The headgear features SoftEdge straps for added comfort so there will be no more facial marks created by the mask cutting into your skin. AirFit F10 represents the best solution for patients who need to get air therapy on a daily basis. The mask is lightweight and comfortable and you can easily put it on or take it off whenever needed. The innovative headgear structure and the frame help providing the best stability and high performance. Regarding seal, the AirFit F10 represents one of the most popular options of full face masks among patients. AirFit F10 works very well with the ClimateLine Air Heated Tube by ResMed. The tube helps to eliminate the risk of a rainout and delivers the most optimal temperature and humidity levels to your mask.

AirFit F20 Full Face Mask by ResMed

Airfit F20 mask

When it comes to comfort, reliability, seal, and performance the AirFit F20 exceeds the expectations. ResMed has brought on the market a highly innovative and top performance full face mask which represents the no.1 choice for millions of CPAP users worldwide. When comparing the F10 and the F20 masks, they are quite similar in shape. The AirFit F20 also provides a clear field of vision, which makes it easy for patients to sit in bed and watch TV, read their favorite magazine or book.

The AirFit F20 mask frame gets added soft padding support on the frame and headgear. This automatically means that F20 is an even more comfortable mask than the AirFit F10. The AirFit F20 comes with InfinitySeal full face cushioning which helps to provide the perfect seal. No more mask leaks, just compliant air therapy with each session.

AirFit F20 top highlights:

  • Full face cushion- maximum comfort & compliance
  • Headgear with magnetic clips – easily put on or take off the mask with one click
  • Air diffuser- for a quiet and restful night of sleep
  • Quick release elbow
  • A clear line of vision
  • Different headgear sizes to choose from
  • InfinitySeal cushion- the best seal for secure therapy

When compared to F10, the F20 mask is much more innovative with added comfort and performance features. AirFit F20 represents the ideal solution for patients who need to get CPAP therapy for the first time. This mask will help them become quickly compliant with required therapy, regardless of the needed pressure. There is not a huge difference in price between the two models, so you should select the one that best suits your needs and requirements. Both full face masks are highly innovative CPAP accessories offered by market leader ResMed.